System Warnings
Warning Date/Time
Warning Text
2022-08-11 16:33Electricity Capacity Market Notice Cancelled Posted by National Grid Electricity System Operator at 13:34 on 11/08/2022 The Capacity Market Notice originally active from 18:00 on 11/08/2022 has been cancelled from 17:05 on 11/08/2022
2022-08-11 12:45Electricity Capacity Market Notice Currently Active Posted by National Grid Electricity System Operator at 13:34 on 11/08/2022 Commencement time of notice : 18:00 on 11/08/2022 Circumstances that triggered notice : Transmission Demand and Operating Margin (MW) : 35338 Aggregate Capacity of BM Units expected (MW) : 35511 Additional Capacity (MW) : Capacity Market participants are advised to review the System Warnings page on BMRS for potential operational warnings from the Electricity System Operator. This notice is published pursuant to Rule 8.4.6 / 11.3.5 of the Capacity Market Rules Participants are also advised to pay close attention to De-rated Margin (DRM) information on the BMRS website that will be updated 3 times (4-hour, 2 hour and 1 hour ahead) in advance of the commencement time of this Capacity Market Notice. For further information, please contact and see the FAQ at

System Warnings are messages published by the System Operator to inform all involved parties of important information concerning operational and commercial issues. For example, System Warnings are used to notify a shortfall in electricity margins (Electricity Margin Notice), Demand Control Warnings, IT System Outages or Failures, Risk ... Show More